Book Talk and Lecture – Dec. 7th 2017

Sopensky/Angus LLC is pleased to announce that the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum will feature a talk and presentation by Maryville University associate professor Scott Angus and journalist Emily Sopensky, authors of the recently released book of photography, Snake Medicine. The event will take place on Thursday, December 7th with doors opening at 6:30 pm for a reception prior to the event. There is no charge and attendees are encouraged to view the current exhibitions at the museum.

With the explorer in mind, Scott Angus, a university educator in photography, art theory, and the visual arts, shares why and how he was drawn to each landscape site, speculates about what forces power the site, and what was captured in the photograph. In his presentation, Angus will walk the audience through the photographs he uses to teach students how to pause, take in the energy of a space, and find the details that offer entrance points to understanding the energy of a site. He will also discuss some of the personal journey that led him to this body of work.

“From President Jefferson’s slave graveyard to the Escalante Plateau in Utah, there is a respect that a photographer must give to a place that he or she is documenting. Most people forget that when one creates a photograph, they are taking something from the world,” offers Angus.

The book ends with Angus’s observations of the Cahokia Mounds. At this incredible site, often overlooked by travelers to the St. Louis area, Angus works to capture the presence of what was there and what is still there.

Snake Medicine is a moving and insightful tour of the sacred sites of the American landscape, and a visual diary of the author’s journey across America. Emily Sopensky’s interviews with Scott Angus are augmented with historical contexts and geographical details of the sites captured in the photos.

Praise for Snake Medicine:

Inundated with the profane, Angus’s striking images return us to our communal ancient quest for the holy. Just like Kenneth Burke’s (1966) terministic screens, Angus’s photography reflects, selects, and deflects his perceptions of reality by what he chooses to highlight in his landscape photographs. In his terministic screen, Angus is the snake as his photographs are a visual shedding, ending one life as another begins. He shares his powerful medicine with us by choosing what to reveal and what to conceal, guiding us along with both artistic and technical detail. Angus’s stunning photography weaved with Sopensky’s vivid historical descriptions invite the viewer to look beyond the landscapes into what was, what is, and what could be.

Leilani Carver-Madalon, Ph.D.
Graduate Director of Strategic Communication
Associate Professor of Communication
Maryville University of Saint Louis

Sopensky/Angus LLC is dedicated to exploring the world’s sacred sites through photography and exposition. Snake Medicine is volume one of a trilogy. Volume two is planned for publication in 2018.

Snake Medicine will be offered for sale at the talk.

Located at 3415 Olive Street, St. Louis, Missouri, the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum (IPHF) honors those who have made great contributions to the field of photography by preserving historic photographs and cameras to share with the world. The museum houses 6,000 square-feet of gallery and exhibition space in the Grand Center area of St. Louis, one of the country’s densest cultural districts. Inside, a permanent tribute to the Hall of Fame Inductees stands alongside rotating exhibits from IPHF and partner collections.

Scott Angus is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Photography and Visual Art Program at Maryville University. He is interested in photography that tells the story of the forgotten or hidden past, and holds a Master of Photo Theory from the University of New South Wales and a Master of Fine Art from California State University – Fullerton.

Emily Sopensky’s interest in the U.S. Southwest was manifested by her 20-year tenure in Austin, Texas. She was recognized as a resourceful business consultant and reporter specializing in technology. She is now based in Metro Washington DC and Santa Fe, NM, from which she draws unbounded inspiration and creativity.